Cheese Lover’s Gift Guide

So I know many of you organized individuals have checked your list twice already, but if you are like me (leave everything to the last few days, stay up late roaming the stores, browsing the Internet and become familiar with the term expedited shipping), some of you may still have a few unchecked items on your list. And, if those unchecked items are for food lovers, boy do I have the gifts (and links) for you.

Lessons For the over-achiever whose appetite for cheese cannot be satiated by mere tastings, send them back to school with a cheese lesson. These days many cheese shops offer classes from pairings to cheese-making. If local lessons are not available, Mastering Cheese provides a useful and comprehensive DIY guide.

Boards Reserve your plates for dinner and serve up your cheeses across a beautiful backdrop from Brooklyn Slate. These elegant slates come along with soapstone chalk for labeling. Guests will never again confuse a Gorgonzola for a Cambozola.

The Knife Though I have certainly seen more attractive cheese knives, this cheese knife has an edge over specialized cheese knives. It  easily slices through cheese no matter the firmness of the cheese and without the cheese sticking to the knife, which is essential in maintaining the structure of the cheese. Be amazed as event soft cheeses slide from its blade. A handy all-in-one cheese knife.

Storage Fortmaticum cheese papers and bags are excellent for the cheese party host/hostess to aid in post-entertaining clean-up. You can also keep leftover party platters fresh with a nifty containers from RIG-TIG. I especially like that it prevents the scent of stinky cheeses from permeating the fridge and maintains the integrity of the cheese. (I find it best for a single cheese or for a few mild cheeses that do not have aromas that would interact with one another.) With a cutting board on the bottom, it can also can be brought directly to the table and uncovered. Voila! 

Tools on the Go For the cheese lover on the go, here are a few gifts that will fill their stocking stuffer wishes. A Swiss Army pocket cheese-knife keeps one prepared to slice through any cheese, any time, any where. If a board is also in order, this mobile 6” storage cheese board creates a cheese plate in an instant. Accompanied by a bike wine-bottle belt, you’re cheese lover is a bicycle ride away from a romantic déjenuer sur l’herbe.