Rare is the day that I do not have garlic, so it’s no wonder that Champignon Garlic has me daydreaming. This cheese calls for a crusty baguette, a cold Chardonnay, and a picnic blanket on the Seine. Or to decorate beef wellington on a wintery night…Or to top a grilled Portobello for a veg barbecue…hmm…or a cheesesteak at a tailgate party…See I told you it induces daydreaming!

I know that some of you alliumphobics out there might be hesitant to eat garlic-flavored cheese unless you are a party of one. But, like Limburger, its fellow room-clearer, I’ll defend it to the bitter (or garlicky) end. Besides, there are easy measures that can be taken to reduce the oft-feared garlic-breath phenomenon.

A recent study published by the Journal of Food Science found that drinking milk before or with garlic reduces the concentrations of the compounds that cause bad breath. In fact other dairy products like cheese and yogurt may also help (hence garlic-flavored cheese lets you enjoy garlic without adverse effects!) Other remedies include eating parsley, mint, fennel seeds, and basil.

So add a pinch of parsley to your picnic basket and keep on daydreaming…