Where in the World is CAMBOZOLA?

While CAMBOZOLA has always made special appearances on our recipe posts—from soups and salads to sliders and ice cream—it turns out this unique cheese has also been hitting menus from coast to coast. And not just on cheese plates.

While Cambozola burgers appear in countless pubs across the country, check out just a few of the other creative ways chefs are using the distinct yet versatile Cambozola. (I know what I’m having for lunch.)

The Burger: Grass-fed beef, arugula, bacon jam, and Cambozola. Skillet Truck, Seattle, WA.

Cambozola, pear, and red onion sandwich on German rye. Landbrot, New York, NY.

Roasted acorn squash with fresh berries, hazelnuts, Cambozola, greens and brown butter. Huckleberry Pub, Portland, OR.

Lola Rosa and apple salad with Cambozola and pumpkin seed vinaigrette (seasonal). The Marrow, New York, NY.

Cambozola cheese and shitake mushroom panini. Eatcetera, Galveston, TX.

Belgian endive and frisée salad with shaved green apple and Cambozola. Proof, Washington, DC.

Poutine, fresh cut tempura fries, Cambozola, short rib gravy. Biergarten, Los Angeles.

Spinach Salad Cambozola, with poached chai tea pears, Cambozola, spiced pecans, apricots, and champagne vinaigrette. Stoneys Bread Company. Oakville, ON, Canada.

Black Garlic Fondue, a warm wedge of Cambozola, black garlic cloves, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, Red Trolley Ale cream sauce, and grilled bread. Karl Strauss Brewing Company, San Diego, CA.