ROUGETTE Grill Meister Cheese “Burger”

Rougette Grill Meister Burger

I know it may seem blasphemous to take the burger out of a cheeseburger, but let’s admit it, that whole burger/slider craze has really died down anyway. In its stead are things like kale salads and gluten-free pizzas. And going “meatless” is no longer for the dabbling college student, but has become a weekly ritual for all ages. So go meatless this week with this luscious cheese “burger.”

Rougette Grill Meister is grilled or pan-fried until golden and crisped on the outside and melted on the inside. Unlike other cheeses, Grill Meister is never stringy or gooey when heated, but becomes warm, soft, and yielding to the bite. It is everything you want melted cheese to be.

For this “burger,” I restrained myself and stuck to traditional dressings of lettuce, juicy tomato, and snappy raw onion, and let the cheese become the star. But the minute I bit into this delicious combo, my mind began to run wild with the possibilities of replacing meat with Grill Meister in all my favorites: Grill Meister breaded with panko and fried, topped with a dollop of marinara, a chicken Parm without the chicken (or, well, Parm); Or Grill Meister topped with sautéed mushrooms, peppers, and caramelized onions; Or Grill Meister sweetened by a lick of apricot jam and a kick of peppery arugula.

You get the idea. You won’t miss the beef in this burger.

IMG_9193ROUGETTE Grill Meister Cheese “Burger”

1 ROUGETTE Grill Meister cheese
1 seeded bun
2 slices of tomato
Salt and pepper
Lettuce (I used frisée, but Green Leaf or Romaine would also be excellent, something with tooth)
3 thinly sliced red onions

1. Prepare your grill or pan, following steps 1–3 in this recipe.
2. Toast the bun on the grill (or oven, if you are indoors).
3. Salt and pepper the sliced tomatoes.
4. When the Grill Meister is heated through, layer it on the toasted bun with the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, and serve it up with a nice cold ale.