Why wrap in wax?

So my appetizers were so “mini” that I had plenty of cheese left over. What to do? Well besides devouring it, which is too often my preferred method of storage, I decided to save it for another day. While eyeing the ripened cheese, the hand might first reach for the cling wrap: something you might think will keep that moistness and preserve the flavor.

But no! Waxed paper may your cheese’s friend. Slightly more unwieldy for the domestic, as it means methodically folding and taping, but waxed paper can wrap your leftover cheese up in a pretty package that will keep them flavorful and fresh. That is because the  cheese is still ripening. The cheese needs to breathe, meaning the bacteria on the surface mold is still alive and needs oxygen to survive. As the cheese ripens, it also lets off moisture. The cheese cannot let off moisture when wrapped in plastic.

Soft cheeses will store well wrapped in waxed paper in the fridge, but they should not be stored longer than ten days. Alas, you’ll just have to find the time to indulge…