Season to Taste

Yes, it seems such a simple sense. But the seemingly simplest things are never so simple. Taste, like many of our other senses, changes over time. But unlike most other senses that seem to slowly deteriorate with each passing year, taste can develop, become keener, more refined. How you ask? Expand your horizons.

Few of us are born gourmands. While some might be genetically disposed to discerning tastes, most of us grew up with a forkful of foods we were exposed to. Me? I grew up in a meat-and-potatoes household where garlic was exotic and marinara sauce came from a jar. But my taste and love of food has drastically and fortunately changed—and still does.

What is so striking about the  in our present culture is how a sense so transcendental can be so often and so negligently overlooked. Food is amazing in how it can transport you, how it can open doors, how it can be an ambassador, how it can speak a language even when you don’t know the native tongue.

To celebrate, to enjoy, to discover⁠—this is what developing your taste can be. So this is to encourage these moments: try something new, try a different spin, try an old favorite and wonder how you might improve it. Expand your horizons.

Here’s to discovery. Here’s to taste.